Monday, December 1, 2008

Stage two


Hippodice wants to play test my game. This means Noblemen made it past the first hurdle. That means that my game is one of about 30 they want to play test for the next few months and determine a winner.

So I took my game to the UPS store and they wanted $176 to ship my 6lb game! Holey smokes. I left there without shipping my game, thinking that I was not going to get to enter the second stage of Hippodice.

A couple days later I decided to try USPS and wow they were only about $60 to ship it. So off it went. I tracked it and I think it made it there on time. Cross your fingers.

Now we have to wait for a few months for them to play all the games. Should I get my passport now? Huzah!

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Seth Jaffee said...

Awesome! Congrats and good luck! I don't know about getting a passport just yet, but it DOES take like 6 weeks or more to get one sometimes so keep that in mind if you do want one for any reason.

- Seth