Thursday, August 21, 2008

Revised costings

Ok seth was right. Castles and Palaces can score more than once. So using my experience of how often someting scores, I have now adjusted the cost of things:
$ Other cost VPs scoring times Other benefits VP per $ $s per VP
Castle $6 Clearing 3 2 Men at Arms Action 1 $1.00
Palace $8 Castle 5 1.5 crown / prestige 0.94 $1.07
Church $3.5 Clearing 1.5 2 Scandal Card 0.857 $1.17
Folly $10 Clearing 9 1 0.9 $1.11
Bribe $2 1 1 favor 0.5 $2.00

Castle – You are guaranteed 1 castle will score 3 times. On average you may buy one in the second decade that will score twice and one in the 3rd that will score once (If you get it surrounded). This averages to 2 scoring opportunities per Castle.

A Castle used to cost $5. But if it now cost $6 you will get one VP per $1. Which is the goal.

Palace – Typically you will get 2 Palaces. One in the second decade and one in the 3rd. This averages to 1.5 scoring opportunities per Palace.

So as I guessed before a Palace should cost $8 to get about one VP per $1. This does not account for the fact that you are replacing a Castle. But you do get the crown and extra prestige which could easily make up for it.

Church – Churches follow castles closely. You will often get 3 churches per game and they will average 2 scoring opportunities.

This shows that Churches currently cost too much. So I lowered the value from 2/3/4/5/6 to 1/2/3/4/5. Brining them closer in range of one VP per $1.

Folly – These of course only score once and therefore the math is easier. To keep the price at $10 I needed to raise the VPs from 8/7/6/5 to 12/10/8/6.

The Goal has been to get the following $1 = 1 land = 1 prestige = 1 VP. So the next question is how much should the Noble titles be worth to achieve this? When I play-test the game next I will keep an eye on how much prestige does it take to get say 20 VPs?

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