Tuesday, August 19, 2008

VP table

There has been some discussion about the balance of the game So made this table:

$sOther costVPsOther benefitsVP per $$s per VP
Castle$5Clearing3M@A action0.6$1.67
Palace$8Castle5crown / prestige0.625$1.60
Church$4.5Clearing1.5Scandal Card0.333$3.00

Unless I am not thinking of this correctly you can see that Follies giving 8/7/6/5 VPs for $10 are the cheapest in the game and Palaces and Castles are close behind.

Now it might make sense to increase the value of the follies to simply make them more sought after. I could only do this alittle because what I do not want is to make getting a Folly a requirement for winning.

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Seth Jaffee said...

Follies score only once. Castles and Palaces score once per round, as many as 3 times. A Castle built in the first "Decade" will score 9 vp for the same $5 invested, AND it gives a M@A action.

When I tried Folloes at 12vp, it seemed really good - I was about to buy one, but instead I bought a Castle, Church, and upgraded the Castle to a Palace. This cost a little more (I had a $1 discount from viscount, and I used the M@A action from the Castle to take $2 from someone) - maybe $11 or $12, a lot more actions (3 instead of 1), and scored 10vp (I built this next to an existing church) instead of 12 but also gave me 2 prestige which I thought I might need in the Ball. If the Folly were less than 12vp, that would have been a no-brainer. At 12 VP I really considered buying it. It's possible the Follies should be worth more like 15vp.

I look at the Follies like Puerto Rico's Big Building. A big money, big VP item that has no in-game use.

Compare to a bribe action. If you have a lot of Prestige, you can get that 12 Vp for $12, or you could get it for $10 if you buy a Folly. However the folly needs to be set up (Clearing, prerequisites) so it stands to reason they could be worth even more points (maybe 15).